About Teamrolodex

Teamrolodex is passionate about helping businesses and teams perform to their potential by helping them understand the How of performance, that is How work gets done.

We want Salespeople, Service teams and Businesses to be successful. That’s why we have developed a unique technology that uses relationship algorithms and platforms to solve everyday business problems.


One of the biggest problems for Businesses and new staff is time to proficiency when staff leave or move to new roles. How many of us have started in new roles and ended up reading boring internal manuals or waiting for others to be available to talk to to share their Insights about our customers. How many of you have been Managers where your top performers knock on the door and say those three words that send a shiver through you – .”Can we chat” or even worse “Got A Minute?”.

The reason we dread the early days in a new role or those three bone shuddering words is the ambiguity, the lost productivity and the time it takes to become proficient and shore up valuable customer relationship and start earning our Commissions or delivering the Service outcomes we’re known for. Not any more. Using our everyday interactions Teamrolodex captures the essence of our relationships.


Teamrolodex has developed a simple and HUGELY valuable service for Businesses to Bottle the Brilliance of their teams. There is no way, as a leader in your Business, you have the capacity to be across the hundreds of interactions and relationship building events your staff have with each other, your customers and third parties each and every day. Yet its these interactions that drive the value of your business.

Given your top performers work in their heads, their email, their phone and instant message,  Its equally unlikely that the data you need is in your CRM – lets face it, your best people are too busy to update it.

Teamrolodex is exactly that, it Bottles the Brilliance of your team’s interactions in simple, easy to understand reports that respects their privacy and delivers you a unique asset – the combined view of your team’s relationships with your customers.


With these Insights, you can easily see if your best customers are getting the attention they need, you can have richer, more insightful and better informed sales and service meetings and should you get that knock on the door and those three dreaded words, you know you have the information at your finger tips to ensure your customers are well looked after by the new Relationship Manager and that your new staff are productive from the beginning. In essence, by accessing your Teamrolodex, your issues are never your customer’s problems and we take the pain away from staff and customer transitions.


To learn more, contact us via the Contact Us page or access the several keys ways we are here to help Office 365 customers. We will be bringing an on demand service for Google Business Apps customers to market soon. If you use Google Apps for Business, please contact us via the Contact Us page as we can work with you through our Service option.

At present, Teamrolodex is in a Beta mode and we value your feedback. Please use our services on a complementary basis for the time being and let us know what you like and what you want us to improve on. In return for being great sports, we would like to offer you complimentary use of a great Microsoft Office 365 Add in that we’ve developed called LinksWithin. Please use the Contact Us page to request it and the implementation instructions.