In a Hyper Connected World, Team Rolodex Unlocks The Hidden Networks That Power Your Business

Team Rolodex For Businesses

Staff Transition Reports

  • Easy & Simple Information : We all know that your best staff are great at building relationships with your Customers. Unfortunately they are not great at updating your business systems such as CRM and customer information .When staff leave, whether suddenly or planned, they take valuable Customer relationship details with them – they cant help it, its in THEIR HEAD.
  • Unlock Hidden Insights : Teamrolodex is the only on demand service that can recreate employee relationships. Simply send us your team member’s email metadata (thats right, no content required) and we will create a Relationship report that identifies ALL the relationships a staff member had within your company and with your customers filtered by relationship strength.
  • Retain Valuable Information : Our Transition Reports retain valuable IP within your business and give the next team member a significant advantage in taking over those relationships. Customers of the Transition Report tell us that it drives productivity, including time to revenue of new joiners by up to 70%.

Weekly Reports

  • Stay Across your Customers : Your team are working hard every day to drive your business –  find new customers, serve existing customers and build stronger, deeper relationships. It’s almost impossible to stay across their activity.
  • Simple to Use , Invaluable Insight : The Weekly Report gives you a simple snap shot of your team’s activity each week to easily understand who is doing what with your customers. Quickly identify customers who aren’t receiving the engagement and relationship building they deserve.
  • Engage & Be Relevant : The Weekly Report helps you engage your team in a meaningful way by easily knowing who has done what with each customer.  Don’t waste time asking for information you should already know. With the Weekly Report you can easily see the level of activity with customer and where it’s being directed – to High or Low relationship customers.
  • The Weekly Report is available to Customers who join us for Reporting as a Service


  • Complimentary for Office 365 customers, LinksWithin is a revolutionary technology that answers in one simple click – who else knows this customer, vendor or significant third party and How well they know them.
  • Think LinkedIn but with meaningful context as to how well the customer, vendor or third party is known. As a special offer, we are offering the LinksWithin Add in on a complimentary basis for a short time only.
  • LinksWithin for Office 365 is an easy to use Addon that sits in your Office 365 or Outlook browser (providing its Office 365).

Team Rolodex For Sales & Service Professionals

Transition Report

  • Dive In, Dont’ Wait for Others : For many staff new , the first weeks are filled with reading internal company manuals or talking to other staff to identify important and understand important customers. The issue is, that staff that depend on success to drive commissions and bonus’ need to understand valued customers quickly – not be bogged down with manuals and waiting for internal meetings.
  • Be Relevant : The Transition Report is said to drive time to proficiency by up to 70%. Armed with the Transition Report, Sales and Service teams are able to engage customers with a meaningful dialogue including the date of the last communication both in and out with their predecessor, the strength of the relationship and if your company has enabled it, the subject.
  • Engage & Succeed : Using the Transition Report, you immediately engage customers and start solving any outstanding issues or Service requests. In other words, you are immediately building relationships and engaging internally to understand how work gets done in your new role. With Teamrolodex’s unique Transition Report, you are uniquely positioned to become effective quickly and on your way to earning that Sales Commission or Service recognition. Ask your Office 365 Admin to send your predecessor’s email logs to Teamrolodex for your Transition Report today.

Weekly Report

  • Keep Across Your Customers : The Weekly Report is a valuable and easy to use way of helping you manage your progress with key accounts.
  • An easy Snap Shot of who you Are and Are Not close to : The Weekly Report provides a snap shot of your  activity for the week. Time moves quickly and even quicker when managing multiple clients. Before you realise, the weeks have rolled by and those key clients haven’t heard from you because other issues and day-to-day issues have got in the way.
  • Be Rewarded Sooner : The Weekly Report helps you stay on top of your customers, ensure you are delivering a consistent service and help you earn your Commissions & Service Bonus sooner.

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